Ask The Avid/ProTools Expert

Need Avid tech support? How about ProTools service and assistance? What about technical support and services ranging from general computing to highly specialized, custom-designed care, personal tech training, and everything in between? Well good news — you’ve come to the right place!  Ask the Avid Expert (AKA the TechXpert) all your burning tech support questions – and he will comply…

Avid/Protools technician, mastering/mixing, AV installations, technical training – oh my! Kiel Hunt, the Avid Expert and general all-around TechXpert, offers all these services and more (visit his Services page for all the gritty details) on a job-by-job, freelance or contract basis. All at affordable rates tailored to your particular budget (don’t worry; your cherished piggy bank is safe).

Don’t waste your valuable time, spend a mountain of cash, or lose heaps of productivity pulling your hair out — trying to solve inexplicable technical riddles.

Contact Kiel TODAY!   323.371.6020 | kiel@kielhunt.com

Kiel Hunt, the TechXpert, will solve all your problems fast…

and get you back on track and dial down your stress level (preserving that last precious wisp of hair on your head before you snatch it out!).

Need a TechXpert for the day (or just a few hours)?

No worries – Kiel’s ready and waiting to help! Install and configure some complicated or tricky software. Connect and arrange new hardware. Chase down a bug or two. Iron out any other technical problem that’s been plaguing you and holding back your progress. Whatever your needs, Kiel can help, and all for a price that won’t bust your piggy bank.

Solo-Operator in Need of a Little Back-Up Assistance?

No problem. Hire Kiel for a week, a few days or even just a few hours to help you solve your tech problems. Get on track and back to the business of running your business, instead of fighting your way through technical headaches.

No Need to Hire in House, Call Kiel in Off the Bench!

Whether you’re a large or mid-sized company, or just a small business, taking on an additional employee can sometimes be beyond your budget.

Not to worry. Hire Kiel on a contract basis, for a particular project or even just to handle a specific job. Solve all your tech problems for a flat fee, with no extended employee compensation concerns to manage.

Have a Project in Mind…

And need a price quote?

For all these projects and more – Contact Kiel: 323.371.6020 | kiel@kielhunt.com