All About the Avid Expert

Does this sound like you?  You just want to edit on your Avid, record with Protools, and use the rest of your tech and computer gear in the manner which it was intended. But instead, you end up of wasting your time and totally stressing out over all the technical bugs, hiccups, speed bumps and assorted roadblocks thrown up at every turn – impeding your progress.

What you need is an on-demand TechXpert to refine your system and get it running in top form…someone who’s also available to answer questions, solve problems and generally help you overcome any future “technical bumps in the road.” What you need is Kiel Hunt – the Avid/Protools Expert!

Boasting more than 10 years of hands-on experience, Kiel Hunt is seasoned professional A/V technician who knows his way around a CPU. Better yet, he can translate “computer-nerd speak” into layman’s terms, so you’re not left scratching your head, hoping to remember everything later. Whatever you need, from basic desktop support to software updates to system upgrades and full installation, and even technical training, – Kiel’s your guy! Just remember the Avid Expert’s Mantra:

Kiel “the TechXpert” is here to SUPPORT YOU!

The Back Story

Trained as an audio engineer, Kiel initially worked as a general installation technician in an acclaimed post production house. Hungry for knowledge and eager to learn, Kiel became a sponge, absorbing knowledge and diving into all the tasks at hand. During his tenure, Kiel ultimately expanded his knowledge base and skill set to include  proficiencies in: Avid and Protools technical support, custom systems design and installation, and technical training.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles’ community of Leimert Park, Kiel is a proud SoCal native, with strong ties to his beloved community.

Education & Accreditation

  • Santa Monica City College graduate – Audio Engineering Program
  • Certified Avid Technician (A.C.S.R.).