Are you in need of a TechXpert’s assistance? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Kiel Hunt – the Avid/ProTools Expert– Can Help You With…

avid screenProTools/ Avid Support Technician

As user friendly as those genius software engineers at Avid intended ProTools and Avid Media Composer to be, these applications can still be downright confounding at times. Especially if you run into a glitch, bug or other irritating “technical issue” that always seems to pop up in the software world.

And hardware? Well that can be just as frustrating, particularly when you’re forced to drill down deep and literally take apart a very expensive piece of gear.

But luckily for you – Kiel can help!

Full Software & Hardware Setup & Configuration

Kiel will load up all the software, set up all your hardware, configure the system on as many machines as you need, and make sure your individual machine or whole network is purring like a kitten and can run a digital four minute mile.

computer hardwareHardware Configuration

Got software loaded up, but need help setting up hardware or networking your system? Kiel’s your guy. He’ll configure your system so it’s nice and tight and have the whole shebang running full steam ahead.


You’re all set up, but you’re plagued by a million bugs and glitches that are either killing your productivity or have you completely dead in the water? No problem — just call Kiel the “bug exterminator!” he’ll chase down all the bugs and squash them flat, iron out all the glitches and get you back up and running at the speed of an Olympic sprinter.


Need a consult on the best software and hardware package to buy for your home, office, studio, sound stage, mixing plant or other work space? Need a consult on updating, upgrading or building out your studio space? With a jillion installs, set ups, upgrades and build-outs under his belt – Kiel’s got you covered. He’ll give you the complete rundown on the best software and hardware combination for your particular purposes. And for upgrades, updates and build-outs, Kiel can do everything from pointing you in the right direction to designing your system, all the way to completing the entire installation. Whatever you need, Kiel’s on it!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

protools engineerGot your demo, but need to polish it up with a few “professional touches” to give it a little extra shine when you’re shopping it around to clubs, venues and record labels?

Recorded a full album and want to give it that “hit record” sheen?

In either case, Kiel can help you “Rock the House” with:

Full length album or track by track optimizing and organizing – giving individual tracks or your entire demo or album that pro sound “sparkle,” and sequencing track order for ideal flow, creating a beautifully arranged composition.

Audio format conversions – wav, aiff, wma, mp3, itunes — yikes! Who knows what’s what and what works where or why! You just wanna be sure your tracks play (and sound) the way you intended. No worries – Kiel will take whatever audio format your tracks happen to currently be in and convert them to the ideal format for your particular purposes.

Sound design – need audio drops, soundscapes or other sonic elements as backing tracks for your demo or album, or for your podcast, video, movie, video game or live event presentation? Kiel can design and craft the ideal audio accompaniment for whatever your particular needs.

Recording for Musicians and Vocalists – bands, independent musicians and vocalists in need of an engineer to capture your musical ideas, sketches and soundscapes, or help you record a demo – Kiel can help. And he can get the job done rendering a quality, pro recording for an affordable price tailored to work with your budget.

Rehearsal spaceNeed a spot to rehears with your band or supporting musicians to prep your material and hone your performance for recording? No problem! Kiel can hook you up with a well-appointed and well equipped rehearsal space that’s guaranteed to work with your budget.

A/V Installations

av studioComposer, songwriter, musician, vocalist, filmmaker, etc… interested in setting up a home-based ProTools studio or Avid editing suite?

Interested in upgrading, updating or building out your existing home, project or professional studio?

Kiel can help with full array of A/V installation services, including:

  • Installing and configuring the latest ProTools and Avid Media Composer software
  • Designing, building and configuring home media networks
  • Calibrating new or existing equipment for optimal operation and sound performance in your studio or workspace
  • Installing and running Fiber Optics, Ethernet, Audio, etc… cables in your home or project studio
  • Setting up and configuring your new computer
  • Installing and configuring your stereo sound system and flat screen TV

Technical Training

Computer TrainingProTools & Avid Media Composer – need to get a grip on the basics, learn a bit more, or really drill down and understand the definitive ins and outs of ProTools & Avid Media Composer?  Kiel’s been instructing recording industry pros for over a decade, and he can definitely help you – at whatever speed or skill level you happen to be.

Installations – need help understanding and becoming proficient with the installation and configuration of ProTools & Avid Media Composer software and hardware? Kiel’s been guiding professional studio staff for over a decade, and you can walk through the entire process step-by-step, making sure you firmly grasp the process from start to finish.

General Training – need to gain a better understanding of how computers and networks in general function? With an intense long-term background in computing and technical training, Kiel can guide you along the path of computer knowledge from broad strokes and universal concepts to more specific and refined details.

General Technical Support

From the basics of setting up and configuring your new computer, to general computer maintenance, including replacing or fixing broken parts and components to chasing bugs , glitches and troubleshooting other issues, Kiel can help keep your computer up and running at peak performance.